Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sadly my poor blog has been put on the back burner, but i'm in a short blogging mood so i figured i would list 15 things that i have loved doing during this deployment.

1. Making New Friends

2. Gaining  independence

3. Weekly breakfast/lunch/dinner with some of the coolest girls E.V.E.R

4. Working out

5. Hanging out with the kids

6. Having time to myself


8. Having coffee with the girls

9.  Making some of the best memories lol

10. Learning more about myself, my relationship and my husband

11. Watching Brilie accomplish her goal

12. Having lunch with Connor and meeting all his friends at school

13. Movie Nights

14. Volunteering 

15. Watching my first Homecoming when we welcomed Advon home early this morning! <3

I read a book called "The Alchemy of Love" by Abigail Carter, it is a heart felt book about a widow who looses her husband during 9/11. After reading her book, it gave me a new insight on how to handle deployment. It is a great book and I hope you enjoy it if you ever choose to read it.

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Sabra said...

Great list. Deployment sure is a refiner's fire, it seems.